I’m a Connecticut boy at heart, enriched by European culture, with New York City dreams. My love for this city and making the most of life here knows no boundaries.

With a background in musical theatre and a flair for the dramatics, I see every day as an opportunity to tell my story with love, textures, color, and style. I take great pride in how I present myself to the world—sometimes making a statement, sometimes blending into a crowd, but always being incredibly true to who I am.

At the end of the day, I am a storyteller. I believe that clothing tells a story of who you are. When I walk down the street, I catch myself scanning outfits and finding details people are using to say, “This is me.”

DassonVogue was created out of this passion for us all to present a beautiful and true story of who we are through style.

I help bring forward a client’s vision of their narrative and how they want to share it with the world. My services are individually tailored to each client’s unique personality and the relationship we create in our sessions together.